Everybody Edits CTF Bot

Player with an orange hard hat digging dirt in Everybody Edits

This program allowed for players in the flash game Everybody Edits to play a game of Capture the Flag. This bot contained many features such as an attack system, economy system, and commands.

Stack used:

  • .NET Framework v4.7.2
  • C# 9.0
  • MySQL
  • PlayerIO
  • Visual Studio 2019

.INI Read Write (ini-rw)

Image of ini-rw's banner

Written using the C++ Standard Template Library, ini-rw allows for a programmer to parse .INI files as well as write .INI files via C++ code.

Stack used:

  • C++17
  • Visual Studio 2019

Robots.txt Support for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code with a Robots.txt file from

An extension for Visual Studio Code that enables support for Robots.txt files. Provides syntax highlighting, document formatting, code snippets, real-time syntax analysis, IntelliSense, and the ability to import a Robots.txt file from any website.

Stack used:

  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio Code