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I design applications, continuously implement features, and deploy them to production for others to experience.|


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About Me

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Hey there! 👋

Welcome to my website! My name is Darian Benam. I'm a full-stack developer from London, Ontario, Canada. At the moment, I'm currently living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

I picked up computer programming in the year 2012. Since the beginning of my programming journey, I have created many software projects for myself and other individuals using a variety of programming languages and tools. Some of my favourite programming languages are C#, C++, TypeScript, and PHP! 🚀

Aside from software development, I also have a strong interest in graphic design, computer security, and world history.

Right now, I'm part of the Digital Marketing Technology team at BlackBerry Limited working as a Full-Stack Web Developer I. In this role, I'm working with technologies such as Adobe Experience Manager, Java, and TypeScript!

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